Good News! LIGHT SKY’s 3-in-1 470W S600BSW is officially launched!
Good News! LIGHT SKY’s 3-in-1 470W S600BSW is officially launched!


Owing to the dedication of LIGHT SKY’s R & D team, the fourth-generation 3-in-1 470W S600BSW is officially launched!This brand new light is characterized by its 160mm super optical lens, 3+ 1 double prism, CMY color mixing, double frost and double focus. No matter in the mode of beam, spot or wash, its lighting effect is still excellent ! 

The development process of LIGHT SKY’s 3-in-1 moving head light

In 2014, LIGHT SKY has launched 3-in-1 moving head light (F330GT) firstly in the field of stage light, which arousing strong response from customers at home and abroad. It mark the successful integration of beam, spot and wash, which gives customers a more economical choice and decreases the limitation of space when installing.

In 2015, the second-generation 3-in-1 moving head light released by LIGHT SKY has been constantly applied in TV Station, Theater, concert, high-level bar, high-level wedding, etc., wining many praise from customers. 

In 2018, with the upgrading of manufacturing technology and optimization of raw materials and accessories, the third- generation 3-in-1 moving head light (F400BSW) has been in hot sale



High CRI: 91.3

φ160mm supper optical lens

CMY Color Mixing, wide color gamut 

2 Gobo Wheel ( 1 Fixed Gobo Wheel + 1 Rotation Gobo Wheel ), Dynamic effect wheel

3 + 1 Double prism wheel & Multiple prism combinations

Beam Projection 2°~21°;  Spot Projection 3°~42°;Wash Projection 1 - 5°

Frost : Two-level frost (1 °and 5 °) and frost combination 

Double Focus; auto focus is available

Dimmer : 0-100% linear adjustment, no flicker

Technical parameter

Voltage: AC100~240V 50/60Hz 

Rated Power: 620W


Lamp power: 470W

Average lifespan: 1500h

Ballast: Electronic Ballast

Motors : 23 ultra-quiet motors

Control mode: DMX512、RDM

Channel: 32CH(standard)

Color :  13 colors + white, bidirectional rainbow effect

Color mixing system :  CMY

Color temperature (lamp) :  7500K

Color temperature(Light Output): 6300 K

Fixed Gobo Wheel :  14 fixed gobos + white, including bidirectional effect of vibration, running water and animation

Rotation Gobo Wheel : 9 rotating Gobos + white, including bidirectional effect of vibration, running water and animation

Effect wheel  : bidirectional rotation and dynamic effect

Prism :  3+ 1 Double Prism Wheel & Multiple prism combinations

Beam angle  :  Beam Projection 2°~21°,Spot Projection 3°~42°

Frost  : Two-level frost (1 ° and  5 °) and frost combined

Focus and Lens  :  φ160 Optical lens with high precision,linear electronic focus

Strobe  :  Double strobe(0.5~9 times/second)

Dimmer  :  0-100% linear adjustment

Pan/ Tilt  :  540°/250°

Pan/ Tilt fine  :  2.11°/0.98°

Pan/ Tilt Speed  :  2.7 S/1.6 S

Software upgrade  :  Via USB

Other functions  : 

- The lamp's switch can be controlled remotely;

 the cooling fan can be adjustable automatically;

 the lamp power will decrease when the fixture turns off.

- DMX address can be reset remotely via control panel

The lamp’s heat dissipation can be adjustable with G-sensor system

Cover material :  Heat-proof plastic + module pressing alloy materials

The locking device of vertical arm is used for convenient transportation and maintenance.

IP rating  :  IP20

Lamp safety: overcurrent and overheat protection; automatically interrupts lamp power when the lamp overheats or the cooling system fails.

Cooling System: Forced ventilation with an axial-flow fan

CE mark: in line with EU Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU

Fixture size  :  401x300x646(mm)

A single Carton Size :  490X390X725(mm)

N.W : 29.0kg  G.W : 32.50kg 

Flight case Size (2pcs in 1):890X500X850(mm)

N.W: 58.00kg ,G.W: 101.00kg

Accessory : safety rope, three-core communication cable, AC power input cable, cable holder (white), product manual, product certification, product warranty card