sheng Long's vision of strategic planning 

Sheng Long aims to lead the fashion of aesthetics professional lighting, speed up high-tech research, meanwhile try to cooperate with advanced technology from abroad in all fields. Only when Shengong becomes a stage for talents and proves her value for society can we maintain market share as an evergreen. Eventually, Shenglong will become social capital to benefit more people to make LIGHT SKY, shenglong a famous China brand on the international stage.


Sheng Long's corporate culture

"Pragmatic, innovative, enterprising, honest, mutual, win-win" is an inexhaustible supply of the precious spiritual wealth, The basic element for achieving a harmonious society for fellow colleagues, customers, enterprises, and related organizations.

Sheng Long values are:  dedication, excellence, value, fame in the world.

Sheng Long's talents philosophy is:  High as the mountains are, we can surrender them by our bravery and perseverance, people-oriented, share the achievement we fight for.

Sheng Long's service is:   serve customers, serve the community, and ultimately it leads to serve ourselves.

Sheng Long's professionalism

1. Love our company as we love ourselves;             2.we are the owner of our company;

3. Solidarity with the company;                               4.Pay attention to details of work;

5. Team player;                                                     6.Enjoy Innovation;

7. Care about your body;                                       8.To become the most popular person in the company,


Sheng Long in the domestic and international technical exchange and cooperation

Sheng Long has been working with domestic and foreign institutes and universities for all-round cooperation. We are playing an active role in academic and technological exchanges to perfect ourselves and contribute to the society.