1993 Guangzhou Sheng Long Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. Established

July.2010 Shanghai Theater Academy leading experts to come to light academic exchanges   Sheng Long

July.2010 Guangdong University of Technology Institute of Physics and Optical engineering students to guide learning Thang Long Company

December.2009 Guangzhou Dragon Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. Sheng move Festival, "Shanghai Theater Academy Performing Arts Center Practice Base" and "Guangdong University research base" listing ceremony.

December.2009 Lighting and HC sheng Long became a strategic partner network

November.2009 Guang zhou Hua du Grand Theatre

November.2009 The Second Festival of Bama longevity

November.2009 Seventh Southeast Best Billboard awards ceremony

October.2009 Miss Asia in Hainan Division Finals

October.2009 Girls National Express East tour (Changchun Station)

October.2009 Beach Music Festival in Shenzhen

September.2009 Changsha, Hunan, Orange Island Music Festival

September.2009 The opening ceremony of the Asian Arts Festival

August.2009 Lakeside Theatre Project in Tianjin

August.2009 Jilin large outdoor stage productions La Ukraine

July.2009 Xinjiang Hami melon festival opening ceremony

July.2009 CCTV Travel Channel "My dream festival 2009"

July.2009 Qilu TV station "unparalleled in the world party"

July.2009 CCTV "The Same Song" About Qingdao

May.2009 Anhui TV, "singing for love," party

May.2009 CCTV Focus on Agriculture awards show

May.2009 Sunshine Cup 2009 University student Baroque Festival

April.2009 CCTV appeal Polai Ya Happy Chinese line

March.2009 CCTV 315 party

January.2009 Shenzhen rhyme over New Year's Gala 2009

January.2009 Hua wei Network 2009 Welcome Party

January.2009 Huawei in the research and Welcome Party 2009

January.2009 Huawei Communication Welcome Party 2009

January.2009 TCL Spring Festival evening ceremony in Shenzhen region

November.2009 Shenzhen Vanke community grand