ShengLong's corporate culture is: "pragmatic, innovative, enterprising, honest, mutual, win-win".

Sheng Long culture is an inexhaustible supply of the precious spiritual wealth, is   The basic element for achieving a harmonious society for fellow colleagues, customers, enterprises, and related organizations. 


Pragmatic --- pay due respect to your job, to your life. Since we are born, we are determined to achieve our life goals step by step. Life is fleeting. Simplicity itself is beauty. Instead of holding onto illusions, we stick to down- to-earth principal.


Innovative --- create by making full use of the resource we have. Start with a challenge, process with a breakthrough, and take development as a goal, which is based on inheriting traditions. That’s to say, in order to solve a problem, we gather experience and tradition, dare to think out of the box. Always work in the direction of development, we come up with new ideas and new designs and new theories.


Enterprising --- It takes effort to move forward; determination to make a difference. It is a kind of spiritual progress. Ambitious to get ahead in life; aggressive to go beyond mediocrity; Making progress should be a constant state of life.


Honesty --- honesty is the creed in life. Each step we take is measured by this basic principle.


Mutual Aid --- Help each other is a virtue we cherish. It is what fill humane society with warmth and tenderness. We appreciate compassion for others, concern and giving. The readiness to help one another is the basis of social stability. The seed of love rewards you with forest of love.


Win --- "win-win" is the jointly benefit two or more parties gain from their cooperation. Leave certain profit margin for business partners, we can achieve sustainable partnership. We aim to achieve a trust worthy brand which is supported by a diligent and professional sales team. With our company development direction set, we embrace the world’s approve.